What is an Appropriate Gift for an Agent or Manager?

What is an Appropriate Gift for an Agent or Manager?

by Diane Christiansen Coaching

Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner! It’s time to start that wintertime shopping list. There’s Mom, Dad, Sis… and don’t forget your Manager and Agents! December is a great time to say “thank you” to your professional and creative team for everything they’ve done for you all year long. It’s also a nice way to communicate that you’re looking forward to even better things in the year to come!

Now that you know who to shop for, now you have to figure out WHAT to shop for. These are business relationships so you want to keep your gifts professional but you also want to give them a personal touch. The next time you’re in your Agent’s office, check out the space. Is there a plastic, dated clock on the wall? Maybe he’d like an antique desk clock. Are there flowers in a vase or a few plants hanging around? She’d probably love a new potted plant to join her collection.

Actors are usually a bit more familiar with their Managers than their Agents having spent more one-on-one time together. Here, you can pick up clues about gifts during meetings, chats, emails. Does she always head back east for The Holidays? Maybe she could use another warm, knit scarf. Does he celebrate Hanukah with his two fur-babies? A picture frame engraved with their names is a perfect gift!

Personalized stationary, a beautiful pen, a cardholder, or even mementos from your biggest project together are wonderful for both Agents and Managers. Just remember that you want your reps to think of you whenever they see or use what you give them, so gift them with something that you’d be proud to give – or happy to receive!

When in doubt, sweet treats are always welcomed. Gift boxes or baskets of coffees, teas, candies, popcorn, fruits, nuts, cheeses – you can’t go wrong with a delicious gift! However, they do get these gifts the most, and once eaten, they have forgotten who gave it. Just some food for thought, sorry for the pun.

And for the finishing touch, pick out a card that is professional, meaningful, and has a personal note written inside from you. Thank them for their hard work, all the effort they put in to find you work, the recommendation they gave you for that great acting class or private coach. After all, there’s no better gift than a few kind words.