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Deborah Dion

I really enjoyed your set up. You have wonderful kids in that class... They are enjoying themselves so much that I really enjoyed them thoroughly!

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Suzanne Dean

I thought last night's workshop was really great! The atmosphere of professionalism and support that you establish is really unique and brings out the best in everyone. I personally was feeling very flat and unconnected, but I felt pretty good at the end of the evening, and a lot of that had to do with the high level of  performance on everyone's part!!

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Emma Engle

I love your workshops. Not only do I get to perform in front of some my favorite casting directors but I always leave your classes feeling loved.

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Kathy Custino

My son is in Diane’s weekly “Screen Teens” class and Diane is his persoanl coach and our friend. Her insights are so enlightening, we consider her the “Best of the Best”!

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Morgan Mrohs

I came into Diane's Screen Teens class knowing practically nothing about acting and how much preparation and work goes into it. Diane has taught me about the process of finding your character, the difference of on-camera acting and stage acting, and how important an actor's objective is. Without this class I would be so inexperienced and clueless. This class is amazing and I couldn't have learned what I have in

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