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In Car Warm Up CD

Diane's Warmup CD

Throughout her extensive time in Los Angeles, she has noticed when actors warm up, they tend to be more prepared and relaxed in the audition room. But with the reality of LA, we all know that by the time we reach the audition, our warm up at home has worn off! Diane brings you the right vocal and body warm up to ready you for your audition for only $10.95!

Diane’s In Car Warm Up CD runs around 10 minutes, so it’s perfect for the car or right before you head to the audition. It can also be used before rehearsals, showcases, performances, or even before a big presentation! This also provides the actor with a CD to use to develop speaking skills when used daily.

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Only $10.95 + $2 (shipping) or choose to receive a copy via e-mail as an .mp3 file! 

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Scenes for Teens, By Teens

Scenes for Teens

What better way for a young actor to prepare than with the language of their peers? The up-to-date communication style in these scenes—written by teens, for teens—is what makes them so accessible to the teen actor.

Only $12.95 + $3 (shipping)

How to Be a Power Player in Show Business


Who are the most powerful people in Show Business?

They are a hyphenate: Actor/Writer/Comedian/Producer/Commercial/Voice Over artist, etc. In order to make your mark as an artist, you’ll need the advantage of heightening your skills in all aspects of business.

Contained in this E book are valuable tips and tools from each Master Teacher, including Diane Christiansen, to help you succeed in every arena. We suggest that you read a chapter every week to open up your mind and help you tap into your fullest potential.

Here’s to your success!

Only $4.95  for this E-Book, sent to you via e-mail!