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Our Acting Classes & Workshops

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NEW! One Day Intensives

This summer, an expert team of Industry Moguls and Masterful Professionals join the Diane Christiansen Coaching team toRead More

Biz Kids

6 to 9 years-old: Young actors learn to improvise, break down scenes, basic audition technique, and much more.  Read More
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Next Generation

10 to 13 years old: Students learn a wide range of skills needed to be a working actor inRead More

Commercial Kids & Teens

7 to 16 years old: Learn how to audition for commercials!! From the all-important slate to handling product....Read More

Screen Teens

14 to 18 years old: From scene study to character development and audition technique...Check out our award winning groupRead More

Actors Core

Adults 18+: a 12 week Method based conservatory program for all experience levels. Expand your knowledge, Maximize your skills, RefineRead More
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Nail It: Audition Technique

8 to 17 years old: Getting the callback but not the booking? Don't miss this one-of-a-kind audition technique/coldRead More