How to Stay Confident

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How to Stay Confident

from Diane Christiansen Coaching 

     Maybe you didn’t book the gig. Maybe you didn’t even get a callback. Maybe you came out of your audition and felt like you forgot everything you learned in your acting class or your private coaching lesson. Maybe you’re just having a bad day and feeling down about your career aspects. Maybe that’s okay.

     It’s okay to feel this way sometimes. The important thing is to acknowledge it, learn from it, and move past it. That’s just one way to keep your confidence up in Los Angeles and Hollywood, where rejection is a daily obstacle for actors. Also, knowing that some of the reasons you didn’t book the job have nothing to do with you, helps. That’s right! It’s not your “fault” a lot of the time.

     “But, how?” you ask. It’s quite simple: there are so many factors that go into why someone gets a job that you can’t possibly control all of them. You can’t control if a casting director is moody or short with you after missing lunch, or if you remind a producer of his estranged daughter, or your hair doesn’t match the parents they’ve already cast, or if the director prefers actors who are soft spoken rather than outgoing. There are a myriad of elements that are beyond your control.

     So how do you stay confident in the face of so many things that you just don’t have the power to change? Two words: be prepared. The only thing you can really affect is your performance. Learn your lines, figure out your character, discover the what/why/where/when/who, make distinctive choices, use specific tactics, show your range. Be creative, be bold, be bright. Shine like no one else can. And always, always listen. The more you practice this, before even entering an audition room or casting office, the more confident you will become in your talent, in your craft, in yourself. 

      Go into that audition room to do your very best work. That is your job, remember that! You might also keep in mind, that YOUR role will come along, persevere! You still won’t be able to control outside factors but if you can leave an audition and feel that you did your very best, you will radiate with confidence – and that might just get you the job!