How to Navigate Your Acting Career in LA

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By Diane Christiansen Coaching

One way to think about your acting career in LA is to imagine a bullseye.  Picture yourself at the center – surrounded by a chosen team of professionals, which is again surrounded by the larger entertainment industry.  In order to navigate your acting career, you’ll need to start by focusing on the center of the target: you.

Engage in thoughtful self-exploration about who you are, as a person and as an actor, and what you want your brand to be in the Industry.  This will require research on the types of roles you fit as well as the types of roles you want to go after.  Hopefully there is consistency between the two types, but if there is a disconnect, you will need to figure out why you don’t fit the roles you want and either adjust your expectations or prepare yourself for the uphill climb of adjusting others’ expectations of the roles they see you playing.  Keep in mind that this may require you to expand your skill set to production and writing in order to create for yourself the roles that you want to play.

Once you’ve determined your unique brand, you will then need to surround yourself with a team that can support you as you work to establish your brand in the entertainment industry.  Assembling the right team is vital to your success as an actor and should not be rushed simply for the sake of obtaining representation.  Signing with an agent or manager is wonderful when it works and can provide great opportunities.  Signing with the wrong representation can be a nightmare that threatens to jeopardize your acting career.

The same is true for training.  Be careful not to fork over hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on training with acting coaches who are not reputable.  Do your research and ask around about where you can find the best training.

Lastly, after your team has been vetted and you are all on the same page about how to promote your brand, you will need to ensure that the proper tools are in place to represent your brand to the larger entertainment industry that has yet to discover your talent.  This means getting together with your team to review your head shots and resume, establish a website, create a reel, create content, and amass all of the tools necessary to promote yourself in the way you want the world to see you.

With these three areas in place, starting from the inside and working your way out, you will be able to maintain focus on the direction you want your acting career to go so that you can navigate successfully without drifting off course.