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How to Become a Professional Actor in LA [part 1]

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Wondering how to get your child or teen into acting?  Diane Christiansen, top rated acting coach for kids and teens in Hollywood, has designed a 3 part video series for families who are seeking a professional acting career in Los Angeles for their children or teenagers! Each segment contains critical steps designed to be taken with patience, dedication and a 100% commitment to producing results. Rushing or skipping these steps could

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When is the best time to come to LA for Pilot Season?

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When is the best time to come to Los Angeles for Pilot Season??  Every weekend Agents and Managers are traveling to some city scouting for new kid and teen actors for pilot season. The top kids Agents will look at from 100 to 300 kids every week from now through the end of January. These are the brightest young actors from around the country with parents who can afford expensive weekend

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Finding, Acknowledging, and Keeping a Mentor

By Diane Christiansen   Having a mentor is vital to your acting career. Why waste years making the same mistakes others have made? With a mentor, you can learn from their experiences and quite possibly move your career forward leaps and bounds in a much shorter amount of time than anticipated! Gleaning what you can from the dos and don’ts that they have learned firsthand, and having another connection to

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What are Casting Directors looking for? [Part 2]

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What are Casting Directors looking for in the audition room? Find out directly from the source in Part 2 of Diane's exclusive interview with Award-Winning, Children's Network Casting Director, Carol Goldwasser!  Check out Part 1 of Diane's interview with Casting Director Carol Goldwasser here. Be the first to get the scoop on insider information from Diane and 10 of the top performance teachers in Hollywood - subscribe to Master Talent

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Is it okay for actors to mime and use props at auditions? FIND OUT HERE!

What is the Rule on Miming or Using Props at Auditions? By Diane Christiansen Coaching   The decision to mime or use a prop in an audition can be tricky. . . You would be hard-pressed to find a casting director who is 100% for the use of props or miming at an audition.  Some casting directors can tolerate props and miming if they help the actor get into character and do

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Life Coaching

Find Your Deeper Calling ~ "LIFE COACHING" End indecision, indifference, and the feeling of wasted living. It only takes 180 minutes to gain lasting clarity, purpose, and direction in your life. Then take your discoveries to the next level with the included 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions with Diane, an expert one-to-one life coach. Diane's unique interactive Life Coaching component and one-to-one life coaching system is a fast and lasting method

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Coaching for Parents

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Parents: NOW is the time to PUSH FORWARD Every weekend your agent is traveling to a different city scouting for new kids for pilot season. The top kid's agents will look at 100 to 300 kids every weekend from now till January. These kids, the cutest and brightest around the country, have parents who can afford expensive weekend jaunts to talent conventions; costing hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. With stars in their

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How to Keep Yourself on Your Reps’ Radar

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How to Keep Yourself on Your Reps' Radar by Diane Christiansen Coaching  Ever feel like you’re missing out on auditions on which your agent or manager could be sending you? Do you watch TV shows, films, or commercials and think, “Hey! Why didn’t I go in for this part?” It may be as simple as not being on your reps’ radar. How to fix that? Whether you’re in Los Angeles, New

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13 Things Never to Say in a Casting Room

An incredibly helpful list of 13 things to avoid in the audition room from a Backstage Expert Acting Coach and Casting Director Risa Bramon Garcia. This is a must read for ALL actors! "We’ve all put our foot in our mouth at least a few times but somehow, in the casting room, actors do it more often than they or we would like. Nerves, insecurity, neediness, and self-doubt set in

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