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THE FOLLOWING LINKS ARE LISTED HERE TO ASSIST & SUPPORT THE ACTOR . Commercial Technique (18+)… Carolyne Barry- 323.654.2212 Hosting… Maureen Browne- 310.430.9722 Web Hosting… iDalis DeLeon- 310.849.4643 Comedy… Gerry Katzman- 323.251.1286 Writing… Minda Burr- 310.923.2726

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Ph: 818.523.8283
Email: Diane Christiansen

Diane’s Warm-up CD

Diane's Warmup CD

Bring Diane with you to EVERY audition! CD includes warm ups from class and a few special ones just for the CD!

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Scenes for Teens

Scenes for Teens

What better way for a young actor to prepare than with the language of their peers? The up-to-date communication style in these scenes—written by teens, for teens—is what makes them so accessible to the teenaged actor.

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