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Teen Acting Class – Los Angeles

with  Diane Christiansen

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Wednesdays @ 5:30 – 8:00 pm
14 to 18 years old
$625.00 for 12 weeks

Diane Christiansen’s SCREEN TEENS is the top acting class for young actors (ages 14 to 18) in Los Angeles, California!

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This teen acting class covers everything an actor needs to be a seasoned professional or to launch your career. Students will learn “on-camera” and scene study techniques with additional focus on emotional work.

Diane’s goal for SCREEN TEENS  is to create a friendly atmosphere; a safe space for students to explore their emotional range and take risks as actors. With this unique approach, Diane’s teen students have had tremendous success on television / in movies and have stayed loyal students of her’s into their adulthood. 

This class includes:best acting class teen actors los angeles

  • The Art of Cold reading

  • Successful Audition Technique

  • Learn to “POP” on-camera at auditions

  • The Secrets of working professionals revealed

  • The Emotional Journey

  • “All Commercial” Days Monthly

  • On Camera monthly


“If you don’t show up for practice, you can’t win the game.”

We believe that there is no “end goal” when it comes to training for actors. If an actor is not in a regular class; constantly growing and practicing their craft – it is going to be very difficult to show up to auditions and expect to book. Even the biggest names in the business still coach and work with teachers! 

Like many of our other acting classes, SCREEN TEENS is on-going. You can join any time as long as space is available. Students pay for 12 week sessions at a time and are notified in advance when their tuition is due. We offer a 2 payment plan for 12 week sessions only. Half is due before the student’s first class and the 2nd half due on the 5th week.

What Our Students Have to Say…

“I’ve been taking Diane’s Screen Teens Class for 6 years and I LOVE it! This class has really helped me explore all sides of acting; from Improv to Drama to Comedy. One of my favorite exercises is when we go ‘On Task.’ For about a week we will go ‘on task’ as a character and  live life as they would. I find that going on task really helps me get to know the character in every way. I will definitely continue taking Screen Teens because each week I come out learning something new, and that is the most important thing.”   Miranda May, Disney Channel actress

“My son is in Diane’s weekly “Screen Teens” class and Diane is his persoanl coach and our friend. Her insights are so enlightening, we consider her the Best of the Best!” -Kathy Custino, parent

“I came into Diane’s Screen Teens class knowing practically nothing about acting and how much preparation and work goes into it. Diane has taught me about the process of finding your character, the difference of on-camera acting and stage acting, and how important an actor’s objective is. Without this class I would be so inexperienced and clueless. This class is amazing and I couldn’t have learned what I have in any other class, or from any other teacher. In short; Diane, as a person, is simply amazing.” -Morgan Mrohs, actress

Having fun with SCREEN TEENS

Miranda and Alana_Screen Teens ClassIMG_2147

Class Held At:

The Compound
4000 W. Burbank Blvd. 
Burbank, CA 91505

To enter the building: Use call box to search for Diane’s name (A and Z buttons) & press CALL



  • Refunds will only be issued up to 1 week after start date of any class session.
  • There is a $25 p/week late fee for missed 2nd payments. 
  • All of our classes run in consecutive weeks: we offer make-up class opportunities but do not extend sessions past 12 weeks from student’s first class [except in the event of holidays, instructor cancelled class, or your participation in our intensives on the same day, at the same time].
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