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Competitive, impactful, business skills are the main aspect actors are missing in today's oversaturated industry. Are you ready? Connecting Vision, Goals, Brand, Marketing, PR & Sales strategies into a cohesive business plan, Accelerated Artist, a national company with global clients, is passionately committed to empower actors to achieve career & life success. About the Guest Instructor Christina Shipp | CEO Accelerated Artist Christina is a master of Style, Concept, Packaging, and

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  Guest Instructors Owner of Red Walk Talent PR Rosa Lugo  hails from the East Coast, born in the Bronx and raised in CT it’s no surprise she has that no nonsense/go getter attitude. Rosa moved to California and while with Ceasar’s Entertainment she was in charge of organizing pep rallies and employee events for 2,000+ employees. Rosa was considered and praised as one of the best in her field as all events were

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Call (818) 523-8283 or email to Sign-Up! Improv Expert Vlada Casteel has been working with Diane since she was 11 years old! In that time, Vlada refined her talents as an actress through scripts, as well as through improvisation. Growing her love of improv in Diane's acting classes led her to join the improv team, in her teenage years, at Valencia High School where she performed Story Theatre Improv for live audiences. In

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Jonathan George, CEO of JG Entertainment, is A&R who’s clients include: Universal, Sony ATV, 19 Entertainment, Vincent Herbert, Streamline Records/Interscope, Simon Fuller, Jamie King, Hulu, FOX, Disney, Arc Entertainment, PAX, Playboy & Torrid. JG Entertainment is the leading expert in developing, branding and launching artists into all areas of the entertainment industry. From start to finish, we work with labels as well as independent artists to creatively direct, develop and execute the

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Minda Burr is the Master Talent WritingTeacher for the prestigious Master Talent Teachers online University. She has her Masters Degree in drama from the University of Arizona and is a three decade veteran of Show Business as an Actress, Writer, Theatrical Producer and Director.  One of her favorite missions is encouraging Actors - of all ages - to create their own opportunities by writing their own material.  You will leave this class inspired

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Adult Acting Class – Actors Conservatory Program in L.A.

All new Acting Class for Adult Actors at Diane Christiansen Coaching ACTORS CORE Conservatory Program Actors Core is designed for: Professionals looking to maximize their skills and refine their technique, as well as Beginners with little to no previous experience who want to expand their knowledge! All levels welcome. This 12 Week Conservatory Session consists of two parts: Work on one's self and work on the character. Part 1 of each class begins with Diane's

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How to Stay Confident

How to Stay Confident from Diane Christiansen Coaching       Maybe you didn’t book the gig. Maybe you didn’t even get a callback. Maybe you came out of your audition and felt like you forgot everything you learned in your acting class or your private coaching lesson. Maybe you’re just having a bad day and feeling down about your career aspects. Maybe that’s okay.      It’s okay to feel

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How to Navigate Your Acting Career in LA

How to Navigate Your Acting Career in LA By Diane Christiansen Coaching One way to think about your acting career in LA is to imagine a bullseye.  Picture yourself at the center surrounded by a chosen team of professionals, which is again surrounded by the larger entertainment industry.  In order to navigate your acting career, you'll need to start by focusing on the center of the target--you.  Engage in thoughtful

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ONCE UPON A REEL One Day Intensive

casting director sunny boling workshop

Call (818) 523-8283 to register! This class will include: •Tips for self-tape auditions •Q & A period •And, of course, a presentation of our prepared scenes for Sunny's feedback. Class Information   All actors (at least 7-years-old) are welcome to join! Thursday, May 25th 2017 @ 6:45-9:00pm $75.00 Actor's Workout Studio (studio B) 4735 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91602 This summer, an expert team of Industry Moguls and Masterful Professionals join the

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MJ does it all at Mj Productions Recording Studio - her own VO work, as well as VO directing, producing, casting and teaching! She’s done voices for Fox Kid’s Digimon, Disney Imagineering’s “Lilo and Stitch”, Universal Interactive, Cue games as well as IBM, 3M, TV Guide, GNC, and voiced Infomercials for Guthy-Renker, and an American History book for Houghton-Mifflin Books, ADR for Miramax, Columbia Pictures. MJ has directed, cast and voiced

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Life Coaching

Find Your Deeper Calling ~ "LIFE COACHING" End indecision, indifference, and the feeling of wasted living. It only takes 180 minutes to gain lasting clarity, purpose, and direction in your life. Then take your discoveries to the next level with the included 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions with Diane, an expert one-to-one life coach. Diane's unique interactive Life Coaching component and one-to-one life coaching system is a fast and lasting method

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Coaching for Parents

Diane Teaching class

Parents: NOW is the time to PUSH FORWARD Every weekend your agent is traveling to a different city scouting for new kids for pilot season. The top kid's agents will look at 100 to 300 kids every weekend from now till January. These kids, the cutest and brightest around the country, have parents who can afford expensive weekend jaunts to talent conventions; costing hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. With stars in their

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Acting Classes for Teens in Los Angeles

teen acting class

Call Now to register for these award winning classes! (818) 523-8283 or E-mail: ActUpDi@gmail.com Screen Teens 14 to 18 years-old Our Most Popular Acting Class - EVER! "Best acting class for teen actors in Los Angeles"  This acting class covers everything an actor needs to be a seasoned professional or to launch their career. Students will learn "on-camera" and scene study techniques with additional focus on emotional work. Diane is a master at

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13 Things To Never Say in A Casting Room

An incredibly helpful list of 13 Things to Avoid in the Audition Room from a Backstage Expert Acting Coach and Casting Director Risa Bramon Garcia. This is a must read for ALL actors! "We’ve all put our foot in our mouth at least a few times but somehow, in the casting room, actors do it more often than they or we would like. Nerves, insecurity, neediness, and self-doubt set in and

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Tips on Relocating to Los Angeles to be an Actor

Tips on Relocating to Los Angeles to be an Actor From Diane Christiansen Coaching Making the decision to relocate to LA to be an actor is huge.  Like any other major life decision, it's not a commitment you should enter into lightly.  In order to make the transition successfully, you need to have a plan. Do your research online. The days of moving out to LA on a whim, hoping

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Camp Cards Are Back!

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 Have you heard about the best deal in town for Summer savings on acting classes? Enjoy summer fun in the sun without missing out on valuable acting class time! CAMP CARDS GO ON SALE MAY 1st FOR JUNE-AUGUST We're making attending summer classes even easier! You can now join a full 8 or 12 week acting session and still enjoy your vacation time - but only with a Camp Card!  Our CAMP CARDS are

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How to Become a Professional Actor in LA [part 1]

acting class for kids adults teens los angeles

Wondering how to get your child or teen into acting?  Diane Christiansen, top rated acting coach for kids and teens in Hollywood, has designed a 3 part video series for families who are seeking a professional acting career in Los Angeles for their children or teenagers! Each segment contains critical steps designed to be taken with patience, dedication and a 100% commitment to producing results. Rushing or skipping these steps could

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