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Agent Quest

Looking for an A-List Agent in Los Angeles?

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Agent Quest is an audition-only showcase that hosts the industry elite!

An opportunity for Actors of all ages to showcase their best work in front of 15 to 25 A-List Agents and Managers!

Our next Agent Quest will be held on: 

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Will be held at the end of May. Dates to be announced


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Agent Quest Dates 2017 [tentative]

Month  Rehearsal Dates  Showcase Night
March Monday March 13th & 20th Monday, March 27th
June Tuesday June 13th & 20th Tuesday, June 27th
September Monday September 11th & 18th Monday, September 25th
November Monday October 30th & November 6th Monday, November 13th

Schedule of Events 


REQUIREMENTS: Actors need to prepare a 2-3 minute scene of your choice. This will not be the scene you perform for the agents and managers. It needs to be a TWO PERSON scene, not monologue. Bring with you to the audition; one headshot + attached resume and a copy of your script for our reader.

  • Our showcase also features singers, in between the scenes. Singers are welcome to audition a song along with their scene. Please bring a 1-minute soundtrack or karaoke CD or mp3 to use as accompaniment at the audition.
  • Typically, we only accept actors ages 6 and up as reading is required to participate.
  • There is NO FEE to audition.

If you need help finding a scene, please visit our Helpful Links section for references to sites with scenes and scripts.

Rehearsals:  Tuesdays,  June 13th and 20th ~ 5:00 – 9:00pm  Diane assigns scenes specifically chosen for each participants and hands them out for cold reading. Actors meet their scene partners. Every scene will then be rehearsed, directed, and polished for the showcase with our guest agents and managers; presenting you at your very best!

Showcase:  Tuesday,  June 27th ~ 6:30 – 9:00pm   Upon arrival actors will warm up, rehearse, and do final preparations with Diane. The guest agents and managers will arrive at 7:30pm to watch your amazing scenes; seeking the next break out talent!

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Be a Part of this Wonderful Showcase!

  • New Actors wishing to audition for this workshop/showcase need to contact Diane Christiansen Coaching at (818) 523-8283 or by email.
  • Tuition: If you are chosen: the three-day workshop with award-winning coach Diane Christiansen and the showcase with our fantastic roster of A-List agents and managers is only $250! (payable online or in person)
  • Past Agent Quest performers do not normally need to audition again and must place their 50% deposit by May 31st, 2017 to hold their place in the showcase. If it has been a while since you participated in one of our showcases or classes, we ask that you please call Diane to discuss if an audition is necessary.

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Here’s what Reps have to say about Agent Quest…

“Diane puts on beautifully produced showcases of her developed talent. I enjoy seeing the students grow under her direction and support. Several working actors are on CESD’s roster now thanks to her Agent Quest Showcase.”
Carol Lynn Sher, CESD Talent Agency

“I really enjoyed the last Agent Quest Showcase. I thought there was a level of preparedness, professionalism and talent that was unusual for a showcase. I was so impressed that I referred a whole bunch of actors to you. I will be looking forward to the next Showcase! Thanks!” Ashley Lane Doss, Myrna Lieberman Management

Agent Quest was a fun evening, showcasing up-and-coming young talent and some of the best Agents/Managers in town…” Anna Lewkowska, Arc Artist Management

“I’ve found so many wonderful, talented actors from Agent Quest.  I’ve signed several clients who are consistently working.  Diane does such a wonderful job of putting together great scenes for all of her actors, which really helps to make everyone shine.  Thanks, Diane!” –Holly Clark, JellyWhale Management

Here’s what participants have to say about Agent Quest…

“Agent Quest was and is the biggest and best thing we have done to enhance our son’s career. Our son was at the point where he needed high quality industry leaders to guide him in his career, and Agent Quest delivered the best of the best. Diane’s approach is grounded in presenting each actor in their best light. By getting to know each actor’s strengths and weaknesses; Diane hand-picked the scene and scene partner that would showcase our son’s talent. Diane’s method of coaching helped him dig deep into his craft, gain confidence and let him shine! After Agent Quest, we had the pleasure of meeting several Agents and Managers who understand the industry and were ready to make an impact on our son’s career. Diane even guided us through the Agent interview process and helped us prepare for that aspect as well. Today our son is thriving in his new Agent relationship; is comfortable and confident is his ability to deliver high quality performances, all in thanks to Diane and Agent Quest.” – Kim Barker, Parent

“Dear Diane, we wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work. After Agent Quest Angela received 5 calls and a few offers. We wanted to let you know we have accepted representation with AEFH and BBA for print. We are very excited. You are an amazing coach! Thanks!” – Amy (Mom) and Angela Ryan (Actor) 

“Diane came to me at the perfect time in my life. I had just grounded myself in LA and I was looking for classes to take, when I had an audition at her studio. I’m not a superstitious man, but I took it as a sign I should get started; I signed up for her 8-week Reel Actors course. What I got was a plethora of acting exercises, tools, and fresh scenes from pilots, films, and series alike. The environment in the class was incredibly welcoming, and I immediately noticed the relationships Diane has with her students. She knows each of her students, personally and professionally, which allows her to provide material to provoke their growth. Before my 8-week course was even up, I signed up for her Agent Quest, a showcase to demonstrate her actor’s work before top-level Agents and Managers. She gave me excellent material to put forward, which paid off not even a week afterwards, when I signed with a great agency. I had been treading water in the acting industry prior to meeting Diane, but I can gladly say that she has been the greatest contributor to my success since I moved here.” – Craig Kober, Actor

“I performed in Agent Quest and was invited to meetings by 2 commercial agencies. To prep for the meetings I received one on one coaching from Diane. After my meetings I was signed and booked 2 commercials, including my first national within 1 month. Ive been working ever since. Being in Agent Quest was the smartest decision I’ve made and Diane is an amazing coach and support system.”  – Philip AJ Smithey, Actor

“When I moved to Los Angeles from New York City in the summer of ’08 I found making the rounds around Hollywood daunting to say the least.  I had never been without representation since graduating college in ’02 and was having a very difficult time finding it.  Despite my resume’ and the work I had done over the years, getting in front of agents and managers so they could see me was impossible.  I was relying on mass mailings, emails, and references from friends and colleagues but I didn’t have a relationship with any of these agencies and they didn’t know my work.  That, coupled with the recession put me in a bind, one I had no idea how to get out of.  Then one day a co-worker told me about this showcase he had just performed in for agents and mangers.  He informed me he managed to sign with a manager who had attended the showcase and was meeting with agents as well over the coming weeks.  Needless to say I was excited for him and quickly signed up to audition for the same showcase the next time it was offered.  That showcase was Agent Quest.  It was because of Agent Quest that I am now working with my manager and my current agent. Working with Diane and her staff proved invaluable in moving my career along.  She gave me the platform to showcase myself and to meet the people I now call my team.  Since then I have done four TV spots, one feature, five short films, and wrote a pilot that has been produced.  I have a career now, one I am proud of and one I intend to continue thanks, in no small part, to Agent Quest.  Thanks Diane I am forever grateful.” – Wayne Scott, Actor

“I would highly recommend Diane’s Agent Quest if you are wanting to get in front of some of the top agencies. This is 100% legit with real agents that attend. I came from another state and flew in specifically for Agent Quest and received great interest from agencies, one who we signed with,  and we have not gone back. This has been a fantastic adventure. Diane takes the stress and  unknown of finding the best agencies.  We cannot Thank her enough.” – Tammie Turnbull, Parent

“I have taken my daughter to Diane Christiansen Coaching and have thoroughly been impressed with the what they have to offer.  Not only has my daughter  enjoyed the Screen Teens class, but she also had the opportunity to do one of Diane’s Agent Quest Showcases where she got to get in front of A list agents and managers and all at a very reasonable price.  She is also doing one of the Actors Platform workshops, where Diane coaches the kids on a script she picks specifically for them and then a guest casting director comes in and critiques the kids-such a great way to grow as an actor.  If we need help with a script for an audition, we can get private coaching from Diane. She is really awesome! – Sherry Brown, Parent

“I did Agent Quest and landed an awesome commercial agent. I booked a commercial within six months of signing with the Bobby Ball Agency. I did Agent Quest again and ended up signing with a manager. I booked my very first audition with JellyWhale Entertainment, which was Parks and Recreation on NBC. I am VERY thankful to have participated in Agent Quest and definitely recommend it for anyone looking for great exposure for representation.” – Stacy Allen, Actor 

“My experience with Diane Christiansen’s Agent Quest was great from beginning to end. She coached me, supported me and gave me confidence. There is great camaraderie among the participants and I really enjoyed it. I was signed with a top agent and manager within a week and a half after Agent Quest. I now have an amazing team on my side because of Diane’s guidance. Thanks for everything! I couldn’t have done it without you!” – Johnny Meyer, Teen Actor

Agent Quest was a wonderful opportunity. It was so much fun to perform for all the Agents and Managers with a scene that Diane chose for me that was perfect for my age, personality, and type. Diane was really skilled at preparing the rest of the actors and me for our showcase. I got a call from my current Manager about a week later, met with her, got signed and I Love her! Thank you so much Diane! You really care and you are the best! Love you so much!” – Autumn Witz, Teen Actor

  • The tuition collected for Agent Quest is non-refundable. If you need to drop out or if you book a job, your deposit or payment may be held for future showcases at our studios. Remember, we said “no” to someone who auditioned for this showcase and your payment was a commitment to that spot.
  • This is not a job interview or audition. The presence of Agents and Managers is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment. The intent of the class is solely educational and designed for the purpose of exposing our work to Agents and Managers [as is every showcase of this kind in the state California]. DIANE CHRISTIANSEN COACHING IS BONDED AND LICENSED IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA ∴  BOND# CA-90D693038  ∴  LICENSE# 27-4503438