Adult Scene Study Class – Los Angeles

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Mondays 7:00-9:30 pm
Ages 18 and up
$355.00 for 8 weeks

This is a method based class that will encourage actors of all sensibilities to lace their work with truth- no illusions. Learn to think, behave, and to experience. Emphasis is placed on the distinction between the mental understanding, which the actor usually settles for, and the totality of mental, physical, and emotional experience of which the actor is capable. Come prepared to work on-camera once a month with Award Winning Coach Diane Christiansen, the force behind some of Hollywood’s hottest talent. Be prepared to work out like you’ve never worked before!

Class held at:

  Diane Christiansen Coaching
  111650 Riverside Dr. Ste. 3
Studio City, CA 91602

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Ph: 818.523.8283
Email: Diane Christiansen

Diane’s Warm-up CD

Diane's Warmup CD

Bring Diane with you to EVERY audition! CD includes warm ups from class and a few special ones just for the CD!

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Scenes for Teens

Scenes for Teens

What better way for a young actor to prepare than with the language of their peers? The up-to-date communication style in these scenes—written by teens, for teens—is what makes them so accessible to the teenaged actor.

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